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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 28, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> now on chasing news. >> veteran himself, uses motto to marines, providing transportation is hard to come by for many vets. freddie has hired many veterans to be drivers. >> that's the main thing. >> jessica. >> meet lisa parada. >> we are always coming out with new things so we are just not deserts. >> how well you really know the people that you work with?
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[laughter] >> oh, man. this is every guy's dream. >> i wanted to see the most interesting man i know. name is jason. >> what i do everyone gets to watch and they like it. >> hopefully they like it. >> estimated 21.8 million veterans in the united states who need special assistance even with day-to-day activities, each of us should be doing something to help. meet freddie castillo, new york native, he's doing just that with his company simple ride. >> i noticed when i used to go to the vai noticed that the veterans outside would take forever to get picked up to and from home, to appointments, i started asking around how long does it take an hour or two hours which i felt was unsatisfactory that we could do better for the veterans. >> freddie use it had motto from
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his marines inspired the name sinperride, to mean loyal. to be providing transportation that's hard to come by for many of the vets that are disabled like handicap ben, which has many of. freddie has hired many veterans to be drivers. >> how cool is it that you get to transport other fellow veterans like yourself? >> it's amazing. your brothers, you know, have a lot of stories to share, you know, have a lot in common. >> that's what counts. that's the main thing. >> now to get the true experience about what temperride what it means i went to queens with a real hero, he needs all the help that he can get and that's where simpleride comes in to get some assistance. >> you're a real hero.
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>> okay. i'm not a hero. hiring almost exclusively veterans, the company has is priding not only jobs to veterans but friends to the ones who need them the most. >> veterans compromise only 1% of the population. >> i didn't know that. >> so we are very tightly knit group. >> you're riding in style, tommy. >> i think so. >> you deserve it. >> i appreciate it. >> 1.5 million, that's how many properties stand vacant across the u.s. >> they are dark, mysterious, dangerous but above all else they hold secrets to our past that some say it shouldn't be
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forgotten. >> there used to be a tubl -- tunnel underneath here. this is what happens when you don't fill tunnels in. you'll be seeing a lot more soon. >> describing with group of friends that love to explore, it's a viral sense sayings -- sensations and exposing new jersey's hidden past and they're all posted unanimously. for the first time they are sitting on an interview, sitting to the spot where it all began. >> i'll never forget the feeling of the first time that we were here. so much unexplored territory. >> exploration takes you back to 1998 when this 120-complex was for sale. during the late 1800's and early 1900's the building housed
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mentally ill patients and today the undercrowding and funding that many institutions that the 20th century institution stood for. it became closed in 2007. some of the buildings demolished but others have taken a new role all together attracting younger kids eager to find a fun place. >> so we know so many young adults that are 17, 18, 19 year's old, they are going to have a criminal record because they are walking through an abandoned building, it's not fair for cops to be wasting their time here. >> now the buildings are anything but a secret.
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not to long ago we saw a teenager following to his death inside the stane island hospital. >> i would have a boring life if i didn't do this stuff. >> people say i'm taking a risk by yourself, no you're not, you're risking the first responders that are going to try to save you. >> fair enough, isn't there a story of overdevelopment here. there's a lot of great properties that for some reason or another people aren't using. >> so me sounds like a -- instead of standing up and voting, they have an exit plan. >> top three for the most vacant properties. >> are any of the places haunted? >> you know, i bet but i don't know. >> that's the next chase.
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>> help me. >> imagine an underground park where you can go any season and get away from the hustle and bustle of new york city. manhattan lower east side and walked in to an old abandoned marketplace into a forest. >> pineapple over there. yeah, and the mint is just taking off. that was much smaller and it's really grown. >> the park is in its first phase of innovation. dan is copounder of the lab told me that they are nearly 3500 different plant species growing under ground. >> this is our effort in laymen's terms how the science functions.
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distribution system situation waited in the sidewalk and distributing light in the sidewalk. >> bringing sunlight underground to grow plants and trees. >> you can just crawl in there. >> basically we have three tubes that are delivering light into the space itself. >> it's so cool. >> even though we are in otherwise dark space, natural sunlight is onto us and to our skin. >> dan took me on the roof to show me how this happens. >> this is really innovative and treat it like a liquid and direct underground. >> the second phase of the project would be to move into one of abandoned underground spaces and it's a trolley terminal nearly in the lowest east side. if they get the green light on this, they would finally get to move into the park. it's about the size of a
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football field and would cover nearly three blocks under ground. they hope to have it up in 2020 but if you want to see the lab you can go right now up until march. >> the most annoying sitting in traffic might be sitting in long lines. i chased the story to new york city where they were sitting outside a jewelry sale. robert samuel started his business and sold in 2012, he was in line for an iphone and was able to sell his spot for a couple of hundred dollars. >> i revisited the idea of standing in line and holding prime spots for customers and and alert was born. >> he had an aha moment. >> 37 billion hours of spent by americans waiting in line, i'm
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like okay, 37 billion hours, that translates into money. >> currently has 15 employees, they wait in line for a variety of things, sneakers, cell phones, graduations. >> graduations, really. >> yeah. >> all right. >> so how much is it to have someone hold your spot, $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional 30 minutes. robert's business can make up to a thousand dollars in one week. the professional line waiters pass the time through a variety of ways. >> netflix, hulu, and a lot of candy. >> so when i was there we went with the population games heads up and you have to guess what is written across the forehead. after waiting about an hour in line i came to the realization
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that this occupation is probably not for me. i don't know how good of a line waiter i would be. one of the worst thicks that you're waiting in line is people that cut in line, he has incentive to let every person cut in line. >> they are a strict one person to one person rule. they'll let whoever is maintaining the line know ahead of time that way they don't run -- >> getting to a free concert or something. >> thank you. that's the contrary point of view. you love the lines. >> you have to try a cup of perisian hot cocco. >> always coming out with ways to be innovative so we are just not deserts. >> you guys are covered in
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pinnacle vodka presents the naughty list hot chocolate.
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♪ >> how well do you really know the people that you work with? our viewers know us pretty well by now. the magic from the show comes from people behind the scenes and i wanted the viewers to see one of the most interested men here that i know, senior producer is jason. he's a child at heart, when you delve a little deeper, you find a whole lot more fun, all you have to do is check out his
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apartment, and so i did. oh, man. this is every guy's dream in here. >> from the hallways i walked into, self-proclaimed nerd could ever walk into. you actually play with this stuff? >> those are all madel and statutes, the play with stuff is in the bedroom. that sounds a little creepy. >> jumping for joy. ♪ ♪ >> i sat down with jason to talk about why he got into the tv business. >> it's magical. it absolutely is. i felt that way from day one. you see people lining outside the studios for the morning shows and everything, they love it. it's fantastic. >> superman and star trek, items you can see nowhere else. figure and toys you can imagine
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and villans included. wow, that's how they did it. >> if you look just standing over there, you won't see it. it looks suspended. >> this is so cool. lights, sound. amazing replica sat in the living room with one of the most prized possessions, came from his dad n his bedroom i saw art that his father made before he was born and ispay as well. it's pretty awesome. >> i think i just had a nerdgasm. we definitely played. a living room battle. it was like a dream. i lost. >> one of my favorite stories
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that i've done that jason engineered was my captain america story. ♪ >> and so now seeing this i can see where the inspiration came from. look, i'm not really into comic book, adventure and -- but i have to say becoming working with jason and becoming a friend of jason he reminds you to have fun in life and not be afraid to enjoy things that made you smile a long time ago. >> look, i am your slater. >> beauty shots of the product, please. jessica, it must be sweety friday. >> hot cocc with homade.
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>> we are always coming out with new things, things to be innovative so we are not just deserts. >> i had to learn how to make for myself. there's up to 14 different flavors, mint, chocolate chip, who oreo. here is the recipe. >> first take our cold water and pour it in bowl, this is just inflavorred geletin and put it in there. we are going to wait about five minutes for this to bloom, add the sugar and mixture to water pot, boil it to about 280-degrees. >> those are great because you can use them in hot chocolate. a lot of people use them on the grill for s'mores.
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>> we are going to poor our gelatin in the bowl. so this gets the air in it to fluff it up. >> yeah. >> oreo pieces. >> you guys spend the day with marshmallows? >> yum. [laughter] ♪ >> while the marshmallows were sitting we made the hot cocoa. that's the secret ingredient. whatever kind of marshmallow you want to flavor it with, you drop sea salt and whatever kind of marshmallow you like put it in there. >> chocolate covered strawberry. >> this is cocoanut.
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>> no calories in these? >> when we cut them the calories leak out. >> oh, my god. >> you can put them in a different order. >> we still are the rest of the show, you know. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> all right. so what's a cupcake cost, lisa? >> 375 a piece. >> you guys are covered in cupcake, what the hell? first time eating a cupcake? >> it really is. >> i think it would be better with a fork, maybe. [laughter] >> michael left the lights behind 20 years ago and now work with christian motivational speaker going around the country. >> i see too many similarities, the government has to do things the right ♪
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>> patrick, viva. >> the u.s. government of the people by the people, for the people, not so fast says michael francis, he should know, he's a former mob captain says the u.s. government is acting more and more like the life he left behind. i wanted to learn what he said so i met up to find out. >> my background and being part of that life, i see too many similarities in my way old life and things are being run in the city. >> you're saying that this is a mob state. >> mafia democracy, that's what i would call it. >> so many similarities and what our federal government has become. he wrote a book about it called mafia democracy, some people counsel him against it saying the federal government is too big a target even the man who turned his life on the mafia.
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michael didn't listen to anyone. >> the government has to do things the right way. >> i mean going to ask you a couple of things that the mob is known for and politicians, intimidation. >> taking a step further, extortion. i bring this out in my book. >> free speech? >> absolutely. >> election fraud. >> i tell you what i believe that. >> can things be that bad? i met up with michael in the morning. i asked him what can be done to steer america away from a mafia future. >> i think it's the same in this country. >> it's about the people, he said, putting the right people in washington, d.c. regardless of their party and when power becomes in and of itself getting rid of it regardless of what party it is too. >> it's the same with our
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greeters, we have to rise up. they pay attention to that. they don't want to get voted out of office, so the power is in the people. >> michael's book is scheduled to come out in the second half of 2016 just in time for the presidential election. >> classy new york city. at this bar all about will ferrell. >> next chasing news. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. i'm meteorologist mike masco. we have a frontal system we're watching out towards the west. just a few clouds blowing in our direction fort overnight hours. most of our temperatures staying into the middle 40s for the overnight hours. around 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning 54 degrees. much cooler north and west. we will watch some showers develop from the northwest into the city tomorrow afternoon into the evening. update your forecast startin
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